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Features and updates in development

Working on the following updates:

  • Bug report form on dashboard
  • Add node operational status and country in provider access list
  • Links to specific docs (add consumer/provider/cloud/etc)
  • Add network metrics
  • Dockerized Image
  • Mobile application

Post anything you'd like to see in our Discord. Your patience is appreciated.

The minting for our utility NFT will begin Friday, Oct 28th at 10 am CST

  • If your consumer connects to a provider that is not working it is not necessary to re-flash in order to re-connect and change the provider. You should be able to reach the motherbored through to connect and change the provider to one that is working. Using the phantom in app browser on a phone seems to work more consistently.

  • The V1/V2 & Boperator VX NFTs serve to activate core functionality for the Boring Network and will be minted for all early buyers of our V1, V2, and SD cards. Boperator VX NFT

  • Our NFTs function as a software license allowing Boring Protocol node operators to activate purchased nodes and software (SD) from our store.

  • Each node requires one Boperator NFT held in the wallet. If you have two nodes, you will need to mint and hold two NFTs. The system periodically verifies the owner has the required number of NFTs to operate their nodes and, if necessary, removes the worst-performing nodes from the network in the event not enough NFTs are present in the user’s wallet.

  • Again, as these NFTs operate as software licenses, they must be kept in the wallet to receive platform rewards multipliers. Boperator NFTs must be kept in a wallet attached to your node to keep it active on the network. From Friday forward, new node operators will need to download the free updated software from and mint their Boperator NFT to activate newly purchased nodes.