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Add Cloud Provider

  1. First create a Provider Peer in the Motherbored interface in the Motherbored App!

  2. Download boring.env file using the button - use this config on your server at /boot/boring.env

SSH into your cloud provider server

`ssh root@[IP]`

The Boring Config

`vi /boot/boring.env`
  • Paste the boring.env config file that was downloaded and save.

The Boring Installer

  • Download and run the installer.
chmod +x

Forgot to get the config? or need to use a different config

  • Edit the /boot/boring.env and:
systemctl restart boring

SETUP NOTES - Adaptor is eth0 - All Ports closed - Use public IP

  • The default ethernet adapter is configured as eth0, if your server is different (ens16), we need to modify the boring. env config file.

  • Firewall Ports: At this time we recommend keeping all ports closed.

  • A public IP is required.

  • NetBird binary - Default server config has NetBird in /bin. If you have the netbird binary in /usr/bin/ instead of /bin you will need to edit the config.